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What's Included in Your Goodie Bag?

Thank you for watching my presentation! As promised, you can access a bucket load of freebies (and snag the best deal on the membership!)


Here are some of the things you’ll get in the goodie bag…


How Google Works

Get your hands on the ultimate guide to how Google works! It’s in plain English and walks you through the basics of what goes on behind the scenes.

Practical SEO Tactics

Want to ignore the unnecessary technical nerdery and micro-tactics you find online? This is your ticket to focusing on essential, practical SEO!


SEO Skills Designers Need

Want to get started only with the 20% of SEO that designers need? This resources shares what aspects of SEO to focus on!

Getting Started with SEO

If your a designer who is fairly new to learning SEO, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for! It offers step-by-step, beginner-friendly tips!

Say No to GuesSEO!

Guilty of guessing your way through some of the SEO things? Not to worry! With these resources in the goodies bag, you’ll never have to guess again!

The UX of SEO

Not sure how to merge your UX design skills with SEO best practices? This freebie will show you how!

Plus so much more!!


Hi, Despina here

I’m the geeky girl behind SEO Meets Design. This site was started out of pure frustration with the state of SEO training for professionals in related disciplines.

Designers and SEOs butt heads on projects all the time, likely due to the fact that designers don’t know SEO and SEOs usually don’t care about the looks and pretties! I’m here to bridge the gap between our worlds.

I’m offering a middle ground, if you will, where SEOs and designers can meet and bridge the gap between our disciplines.

Yes, you can finally have your cake and eat it too.