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Our Inspired Mission

At SEO Meets Design, we offer actionable education for total beginners, freelancers and established teams seeking to grow.

We’re all about bridging the SEO knowledge gap for anyone who knows that it’s important but hasn’t the fuzziest clue on how to ensure they’re doing it right.

Unlike traditional SEO sites, we’re not 100% SEO-centric.

Everything we create is with one intention in mind: to help SEO and design co-exist peacefully with one another.

Who We Serve

Our content, training materials, products and services cater to any business that is seeking to maximise its online presence.

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We provide data-driven information to help you make the best decisions regarding your website SEO, no matter what kind of business you run or work for.

Our Mission

It's quite simple really

We’re on a mission to unleash a herd of the most majestic unicorns the online world has ever seen.

SEO savvy designers, design-savvy SEOs.

You name it, we’re here to make it a reality.

The Problems We’re Here to Solve

Design and SEO needs are often at odds with one another on any website building project. We’re here to bridge that divide by solving the following problems.

Problem 1:
Clients Are Left With Sub-Par Websites That Do Not Help Grow Their Business.

The site may look beautiful but if it is not ranking competitively, then the business doesn’t stand a chance of attracting new visitors.

On the flip side, if a website has been SEO optimised but with no thought to design, even if it is being found online, conversions will be severely affected.

Both designers and SEO professionals need to bridge the gap to deliver the best outcome for a client.

Problem 2:
DIY SEO Beginners Struggle To Make The Right Decisions

Learning how to build your own website is damn hard! Despite all the new technologies that make things easier for newbies, there are a bunch of critical decisions that still need to be made.

Balancing the design and technical needs of a website can be difficult for a beginner to do. That’s why we focus on helping you make the best decisions from the get-go.

Problem 3:
SEO & Design Teams in Larger Businesses Clash

For Saas businesses, startups with funding and enterprises, the core focus is usually on the product. SEO is not something initially considered for the website.

This is totally fine when starting out lean and working with an agile development cycle. It can seriously stump future growth, however.

SEO can be a secret weapon used to skyrocket your visibility and deliver new prospects at a fraction of your acquisition costs. That is, only if your SEO team and your design and development teams can all get along.

Let’s make sure they do.

About Our Founder

Hi, Despina Here
I’m the geeky girl behind SEO Meets Design.

My journey with SEO started after a book I had written became an international best-seller online in less than 3 days, but then I didn’t know how to market it.

Enter the spike of hope, followed by a flatline of nope.

Curious as to how I could get consistent sales, I started to learn digital marketing and stumbled upon SEO. Since then I’ve worked with agencies, large businesses and small businesses. Online and offline businesses.

I now specialize in creating systems and training materials for agencies and businesses who want to take SEO into their own hands.

I also work directly with local businesses, e-commerce stores and large, content-driven websites to ensure they have the best chance of SEO success.

My SEO superpower lies in my ability to help ambitious brands cover every corner of their industry so that they are THE market leader on search engines for any related searches.

I started this site out of pure frustration with the state of SEO training for professionals in related disciplines. Gosh have I heard horror stories of the mega-clashes occurring between SEOs and designers or developers.

The blog, courses and services offered here are for any online business or freelancer who wants the kick-ass revenue and exposure SEO can deliver merged with the sleek and sexy appeal of gorgeous designs.

Minus all the drama.

A middle ground, if you will, where SEOs and designers can meet and bridge the gap between our disciplines.

Yes, you can finally have your cake and eat it too.

Ready to start your journey?

Now it is your turn to get started bridging the gap between SEO and design.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a free video training that will give you all the tools and tactics you will need to get started bridging SEO and design even if you don’t have any prior experience.

Click the button below to join the training and become the unicorn our industries so desperately need.